Aspen Skatepark: Who Needs Snow?

When Aspen turns the corner it never looks back. Not only did the mountain open Ajax to snowboarding, but last fall the City of Aspen built what many are calling one of the best public, concrete, skateparks in the world. “I think about traveling to check out other parks,” said Aspen local Greg Leblanc. “But with this park here there really is no reason to go anywhere else.”

Who wants to snowboard when you’ve got all this? crane©photo

He’s right. The park is good enough to be worth the trip to Aspen anytime of the year. But be warned, this is not a street style skate park. In fact, there is only one rail and no real pyramids or other easily flippable terrain. This park is all about line and flow and is populated by a tight crew of old-schoolers who bomb all over the place at mach seven.

The 17,000 square foot park was built and designed by Team Pain and is futher evidence that the crew is continuing to fine tune their skills. On the far end is the clover bowl: a beautiful pool structure with round side bowls and a square nine-foot deep vert bowl with perfectly shaped corners. The main area has endless line possibilities with a pool wall extension (with tile and pool coping), a square bowl with a spine, an escalator, and second spine that connects to a mini-bowl. There are no fences nor supervision so it’s good to go any time of the day.