Let The Bidding Begin

On December 29, 2000, after an evening photo shoot in the Park City halfpipe, Tim Ostler was tossed off-balance while pulling a large frontside air on his last run. Landing feet and headfirst simultaneously in the flatbottom, he sustained a C6 burst fracture (a broken neck) and is presently confined to a wheelchair. The “incomplete” injury (meaning recovery is a possibility), immediately paralyzed him from the chest down. After 82 days in the hospital, Timmy is home and on a slow track back.

To help raise funds for his continued rehab costs, some of Timmy’s high profile riding friends have offered up a signed editon of their 2001/2002 pro model snowboards for auction. These boards are all brand new and are the same as the ones you will find in the store. The auctions are taking place on between August 31 and September 9th, 2001. Below are links to all of the boards and their auction sites.

Any amount beyond what’s required will be donated, most likely to the University of Utah Spine Rehabilitation Center. Those wishing to give directly can do so by sending a check or money order to the Tim Ostler Donation Account, c/o Zion’s Bank, 2315 East 7000 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121. Thanks for you support.