Michaelchuck, Dunn Steal The Copper Mountain Grand Prix

In one of the most impressive shows of halfpipe hucking to date, Mike Michaelchuck and Shannon Dunn rode hard and took home the cash from the Chevy S-10 Grand Prix at Copper Mountain in Colorado on January 10. A perfect pipe, reasonable weather and hard competition runs made this halfpipe a true championship event.

The men’s competition was fierce with little room for error, as Keir Dillon and Mike Michaelchuck shared the spotlight–Michaelchuck spinning and Keir rocking the amplitude. In the end the judges were won over by Michaelchuck’s never-ending spinner madness. Pulling his traditional lofty Michealchucks, he added in some seriously tweaked Japan airs and kept his amplitude all the way down the pipe. At the bottom he pulled a rodeo into a huge method grab and then he went straight into an alley-oop McTwist 900 across the finish line.

Keir Dillon stepped up to a new level at the Copper Mountain Grand Prix, finally pulling his runs together when it really mattered. Lofting some serious height in his straight airs and putting in a McTwist, he held his amplitude all the way to the judges’ stand, but it wasn’t quite enough. He seemed happy enough with second though, knowing that coming in second to Michealchuck and beating Ross Powers is a victory in itself.

“The lack of sleep, the hurt knee, fighting with my girlfriend on the phone last night and my alarm not going off this morning really pulled it together for me today,” said Dillon.