Southern Comfort: Campos and Huffman In Chile

Shin Campos and Lukas Huffman are currently on the road in South America. But they are not alone. They’ve taken a laptop and Sony DSR PC-100 and will be sharing photos and tales of terror from Chile for the next week and a half.

They left on August 18 for Termas de Chillan which is about 6 hours south of Santiago. “It’s a small resort that’s based around a hot spring,” Shin said. “We’ll be there for a week and then Lukas and I are going back up to Santiago to the nearby resort of Valle Nevado.It’s a more developed mountain with a huge hotel.

“We’ll be there for 10 days. There’s also the mountains of El Colorado and La Parva nearby. Those are the main places we’ll be riding.”

But what about all the political unrest going on in Chile? ” I don’t know. Do you know something I don’t? As far as I know it’s pretty mellow for a recovering Dictatorship country that is gaining major American influence. The only stuff we might see is some backlash stuff about their ex-leader General Pinochet who was arrested in the UK on human rights violations.”

Stay tuned this week as we follow the Campos/Huffman caravan through South America.