Southern Comfort Parto Quatro: Switchback Sickness

So as I write now we’re “laying down” on a bus towards Santiago. Meaning we’re on a luxury overnight bus. Definitely the nicest bus I’ve been on. Its 2:30 AM and I’m exhausted after a full day of riding powder. The only thing keeping my eyes open are the three cortado coffees “chilean cappuchinos”. With me is Luke, and my brother Shandy. Unfortunately, Shandy is not coming to Valle Nevado with us, but to the airport instead. He went way too far off a jump yesterday and has done something REAL bad to his all ready hurt knee. His knee is the size of a basketball and he’s not stoked. It really sucks because he was definitely the most amped person down here!

Well, today made up for the waiting around. We awoke to blue skies and fresh snow from the two days past. Termas was about to get schrapled. We took our first runs hitting some natural windlips and getting good face shots. Chris and Jonaven hiked out to some nice chutes on the other side of this valley and both ripped them up. Jonaven actually did this skinny one switch and then half-cabbed out missing some rocks. Unfortunately, he tumbled a bit, but redeemed himself by popping off a cliff and pointing it through rocks to straight-line glory. Super sick.

Lucas and Shin in the high country.

After riding some other cliffs and stuff we had some lunch and then went in search of a jump. Now I don’t know what’s up with Mother Nature, but she let us down by sending heavy fog in to shut us down for the rest of the day. We did have a great morning though.

Other notable stuff: two nights before we hit the bar to check out a live band. Well, the evil piscola took over Lukas sending him into a mad dancing frenzy that left him extremely “Baracho’d” . Jon and I also sessioned the squash court having some fun matches until this 60-year-old guy played us and severely schooled us. We left feeling very kicked in. Just to let you know, I have to stop writing as I’m about to get sick from writing on the bus. I will continue tomorrow on stable ground. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Bus sickness dead ahead.

Now on stable ground but at 9000 feet. Yeah, we’re up at Valle Nevado and drove up about 30 switchbacks to reach this elevation. We had got off the bus this morning and had to rush to drop off Shandy at Lukas’ friends and caught a ski transit van up here before the road closed. The road is open in the morning only to go up and in the afternoon only going down. It’s super narrow and windy. We are settled in our new room and having a little siesta. Regis just came by to tell us about a big jump that’s set up and some potential heliing later this week. They have it all set up here. Choice of few restaurants, snowmobile on-hand, heli time and decent rooms. I’m stoked.

“I guess i’d rather of boiled my johnson then blow my knees for the camera”- Shandy, not soon after hurting his knee for real.

“Beautiful Victoria!”- Curt Kroy exclaims after a double over head frontside powder turn.

“No, I wasn’t too worried”- Jonaven when questioned about skipping on his back headed for an impending cliff band.