Standard Films Pumped It Up With TB9

September isn’t a big month for snow. And after Standard Films premiered it’s latest edition of the Totally Board video series September 8, the crowd at Spreckels Theater in San Diego was pumped.

TB star and TB creator. Kevin Jones and Mike Hatchett. craneİphoto

TB9 kicked the dusty snowboarding machine into high gear with the latest dose of big mountain freeriding, backcountry freestyle, and incredible new uses for handrails. Mike Hatchett and his crew outdid themselves again this year.

Riders, whether featured or not, were stoked on the film and could appreciate that this TB episode pushed the limits and viewers’ expectations that much higher. Insane tumbles and crazy recoveries while riding sluffing and sliding snow steeps in Alaska was made to look much too easy by Jeremy Jones, Shin Campos, Dave Downing, Jim Rippey, Jason McAlister, and Brian Savard

M3 rider Blaise Rosenthal said he thought it was the best TB movie since TB2 and TB4. “I liked Jeremy’s freeriding and Kevin Jones’ freestyle stuff, and Jussi, and Joni Makenin, and Andrew Crawford and Marcu Egge too. And Bobby had a good part. Pretty much everybody in there had a good part.”

High-diving, hard-charging Bobby Meeks drinking it all in with snowboard movie mogul Mack Dawg. craneİphoto

The lifestyle sections and rider intros were unique and suited the riders well. Bobby Meeks, for example, took our breath away with a glimpse into his summer career: high diving. “I was stoked to have a part,” Meeks said. “And I’m stoked to have something on film considering I hurt myself every year, except for last year. I just want to thank my ligaments and tendons for not hurting themselves this year.”

Chris Engelsman said he helped edit his segment so his part wasn’t a surprise, but it was fun to see it on the big screen: “When everyone’s here it s sweet. And when you get to see the whole video, when you edit it you just see little segments so it’s cool to see the whole thing together.”

On the red carpet with photog Andy Wright, Leslee Olson, Shannon Dunn, and Dave Downing. craneİphoto

Andrew Crawford was super stoked. “It’s hard sometimes because people don’t realize that it takes a whole year just to get two minutes of footage. Sometimes it’s kind of hard but it’s nice to see it when the final thing comes out because it makes you appreciate it and it’s a good feeling.”

Watch for the flick this month in stores. Until then, check out for more info on TB9.