Mack Dawg’s Vegetate 2001

For the past five years Vegetate has been happening every spring at Mt Hood Meadows, and through its various sponsors has raised $65,000 to pay for the re-vegetation of native wildflowers.

This year, however some of the main sponsors backed out leaving the entire event in jeopardy until Ross Steffi from Mack Dawg stepped in with the offer to keep it going. The catch was that Mack Dawg would be the only ones allowed to have filmers there and that the event would be a Pro Invitational instead of the open to all contest that it has been. Some of the local riders could be heard grumbling that it shouldn’t even be called Vegetate anymore, but MackDawgetate.

The event was held April 26-29, 2001 and began on Thursday with the Superpipe. The contest suffered a late start, but still saw some great riding in the jam by winners Keir Dillon, Jeff Anderson, Nico Droz, and Mike Estes who each received $1000. Friday’s M3 double line contest turned into a one hit contest because of the wind, but then became no contest at all when most of the riders refused to hit the jump in the gusty conditions. Jesse Burtner and Allister Shultz were the only two riders brave enough to hit the 65 foot tabletop and were rewarded with $1000 each for their efforts.

Matt Hammer 50-50s the roof rail. Photo: Andrius Simutis

By Saturday the weather still wasn’t cooperating. For a few minutes the final day’s quarterpipe-to-rail contest looked like it had the best chance of hitting some sunshine. By the time the event started however, the clouds rolled in with full fury unleashed a springtime squall that eventually stopped the contest halfway through.

After sitting out the storm the riders came back out to give the quarterpipe another try. After about an hour the snow started to fall again and the winds were picking up enough to dampen any remaining enthusiasm, ending the contest with a $1000 check written for Mark Landvik’s 540 jib as the best trick. Jeff Anderson also received a $1000 for his stalled jib-to- fakie and various other combinations on the rail above the quarterpipe. Nicolas Droz and Matt Hammer tied for third and each received $600.

Despite the changes and weather, Vegetate was still able to raise money for wildflowers by taking $1 from every lift ticket sold on Saturday and Sunday of the event.


Superpipe Jam
Keir Dillon
Jeff Anderson
Mike Estes
Nicolas Droz

Big Air
Jesse Burtner
Allister Shultz

Quarterpipe Jib
Mark Landvik
Jeff Anderson
Nicolas Droz
Matt Hammer