TransWorld’s 2002 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide Hits Newsstands

The 2002 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide—one of three special issues from TransWorld SNOWboarding—has arrived on newsstands worldwide. This year’s Buyer’s Guide, which went on sale August 7, 2001, is a departure from former versions in that it’s a stand-alone magazine—in the past, the Buyer’s Guide was a supplement to the first issue of SNOWboarding. In addition to newsstand distribution, the new-and-improved Buyer’s Guide is free to subscribers of TransWorld SNOWboarding.

Designed by Portland’s Nemo Design, and comparable in girth to magazines like Surfer’s Journal and In Style, the 2002 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide shows a serious investment in the editorial product. The nearly 300-page, coffee-table-style magazine boasts premium-quality paper, oversized dimensions, and a shelf life of 90 days. The Buyer’s Guide will be rereleased in November (for another 90 days), just in time for winter and the holiday season.

TransWorld developed the “special issues” series of magazines (which includes the 2002 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide, the Snowboard Guide To North America’s Top Resorts, and the Photo Annual) to address reader needs without compromising the content of SNOWboarding’s regular issues. Special Issues Editor Kurt Hoy described the plan this way: “Our goal is to offer readers the product and resort information they’re looking for without diluting the progressive freestyle direction of the regular issues. With the eight regular issues of TransWorld SNOWboarding and the three special issues, we hope to have all the angles covered.” While the concept for the 2002 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide was purely reader-driven—”We didn’t want to sellout the magazine. It’s editorial, so the aim was to present readers with the products and services we think are legit,” adds Hoy—early indications are that even retail stores are referring to the Buyer’s Guide before stocking shelves for the winter. The 2002 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide will be followed-up by the Snowboard Guide To North America’s Top Resorts, which goes on sale October 16, 2001. All of the special issues will feature the same dimensions and paper quality as the Buyer’s Guide, but unlike the Buyer’s Guide, the Snowboard Guide and the Photo Annual will only be available on newsstands.