Snowboarding Gets Knocked Out Cold

Only the second narrative snowboarding film to play the big screen arrives in theaters November 21st, and it’s courtesy of Disney. Out Cold, written by Jon Zack and directed by the Malloy brothers—Emmett and Brendan—put a crew through a 52-day shoot in British Columbia last season, employing Rob “Sluggo” Boyce as stunt co-ordinator; Devun Walsh, Sean Johnson, Javas Lehn, and untold B.C. kids as riders; and in a non-snowboarding acting turn, Todd Richards.

Riding with a full brew? Only in the movies.

“We thought the snowboarders would have fun seeing someone doing something besides what they’re always doing. It’s the same with our surf movies,” Emmett Malloy says. As the action-comedy was being cast, Tara Dakides read for the female lead, and even took acting lessons, but wasn’t able to commit to the schedule. Then Richards came in and read for a character who is in a wheelchair after getting hurt at the X-Games. As Malloy says, “Everybody dug it—he kinda laughed and thought we were full of shit. We asked him to take a couple acting lessons. He did, came up to the shoot, and never even got on a snowboard.”

According to Malloy, riders were asked what they wanted to build at Apex resort, where a “King Of The Mountain” race takes place—the person with the most beer still in their glass after riding through the park wins. Riders responded with a series of berms, hits, and rainbow rails that were lit up with stadium lighting and sessioned heavily. Malloy says riders were sent through grueling take after take—necessary for getting the coverage the crew needed to make it interesting for theater audiences.