Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Morrow Blaze

Powerful on edge, with the versatility to freeride and freestyle, Morrow’s Blaze shines under pressure. This big-mountain badass comes alive at speed, holds on when the going gets rough, and then begs for more.

High scores in stability are often countered by a frigid, dead-in-the-water feeling. Not the case with the Blaze. This board has loads of life, it just requires a little more leg, weight, or juice (like a syringe full of adrenaline) to tap into it.

The responsiveness and raw potential energy stored in the Blaze are a result of Morrow’s creative use of torque-rods-repositioned in this model to focus stiffness near the edges and add rebound to the board without adding weight.

Stronger testers powered up the Blaze and were aptly rewarded. Randy cited the stability of this “big mountain/freestyle” (if there can be such a thing) sled, and Wendy enjoyed a pleasant surprise in the powder. If you’re smaller, or a novice rider, the Blaze might throw you around a bit.