Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Nolimitz Creation

Northwest underground? Not any longer. The small, dedicated crew at Nolimitz fine-tuned their Creation line for broad, performance-rider appeal, etching a spot for themselves alongside the big guns in the Top Two-Five.

The Creation incorporates a pair of carbon-fiber stringers that fan into what is termed a “Power V” in the tail. Use of composites like carbon fiber in addition to the board’s full-length woodcore enhance what Sales and Marketing Manager Scott Ghering calls “recoil,” giving the board a snappy, responsive feel. He adds, “If you load the board up, it will respond in kind.” Along those lines, though, the Creation is a high-end board requiring a certain amount of riding ability to fully appreciate.

Randy and Kevin (who have completely different riding styles and physical makeups) both dug into the Creation, jotting down things like “solid,” “floaty,” “quick but stable.” Some of the smaller/lighter riders, however, found the performance characteristics demanded more than they could muster.