elan Announces: The Vertigo Millennium Board

MUNICH, Germany, Nov. 1 — What does it take to make a freerider a really best-of-breed board?

“Well,” according to the members of our pro team, Dylan Farr and Aleksi Vanninen, who are both way at the top of the world rankings, “a board is really tops when it rotates perfectly and is easy to tip on its edge. Plus it has to be possible to go through the whole turn on the edge. It has to be easy to control, and absolutely uniform flex wouldn’t be bad either. And there has to be something in it to eliminate irritating vibrations when the going gets a little rough. And, while we’re at it, a cool shape too if you don’t mind.”

For us at elan, the answer is, “No problem, we can build you the board that has a built-in raised foot with built-in shock-absorbing elements. This integrated shock-absorbing plate absorbs the jolting from bumpy terrain and hard landings or vibrations and shock after daring jumps. And, not only that, it has all of the positive qualities of parabolic, deep-waisted carving ski. The result? The Vertigo! Not only Dylan and Aleksi, but every freerider with ambitions, will find that the Vertigo has got everything he ever dreamed of.”

elan Design Contest

For those who imagine their skis and snowboards with a completely different look, elan and the “Partysan” scene guide have launched the first design contest.

It’s easy to enter. All designs will be accepted. It doesn’t make any difference how they’re made — with a pencil, a ball-point or crayons, on a computer or on sandpaper… Everything goes. The best snowboard design and the best carving ski design will be produced this year and marketed worldwide in the year 2000 season. And that’s not all. The winner will share in the profit and receive Euro 2.00 for every board or ski sold!

Submit your designs by Dec. 7, 1999, to elan, c/o Avantgarde, Reference: “Design Contest,” Buttermelcherstr. 16, 80469 Munich, Germany. Judges’ decision is final.

For more information, visit the company at and