Downing Brings Swiss Fabric to Gloves

Downing Enterprises, Inc. introduces a new line of winter sport gloves for snowboarding, snow skiing and outdoor winter work available now in the USA. The Snow Raider Snowboard Glove and The Multi-Glove are two styles of DOWNING Snow Sport Gloves that feature the high tech fabric called Keprotec made in Switzerland by Schoeller Textiles. Keprotec is considered to be one of the most abrasion resistant and cut proof fabrics made in the world. The reason this fabric is so durable is that it contains 25% DuPont Kevlar, which is the fiber used to make bullet proof vests. Keprotec fabric also provides for an excellent grip. Keprotec fabric is used on the palm and in between and on the sides of the fingers of the glove.

The Snow Raider Snowboard Glove has two lengths of forearm gauntlet and also a new functional cinch strap design that is different than the shock cord and barrel lock system that is sometimes hard to operate with gloves on. This new quick strap gauntlet allows for easy and quick entry and exit from the gloves. The Multi-Glove is a traditional ski glove type style that has an elastic snow cuff. The Multi-Glove is a heavy duty glove for all outdoor winter activities.

Snowboarders, in general, are disappointed in the quality and durability of gloves made for snowboarding. The biggest complaint is that the palm fabric tears or shreds in just a few months of riding. DOWNING Gloves won’t rip or shred after just a few months because they are “bomb proof”. A three year guarantee is available on DOWNING Gloves. If the Keprotec fabric rips or shreds, DOWNING will replace the gloves for free. All the consumer has to do is ship the defective gloves back to the company and pay for shipping back to their location.

The reason that other glove companies don’t use Schoeller Keprotec is because the fabric is so expensive.

The business philosophy of DOWNING is to give the consumer a high quality product at a reasonable price.

The suggested retail price of these two model gloves is $ 49.95.

DOWNING Gloves feature other high quality construction materials in their gloves such as DuPont Cordura 500 Denier fabric outer shell, Thinsulate Insulation and Porelle Waterproof Inserts.