Step In Binding Reviews 2000: Step inquisition

With more refinement and customizing options, step-ins are tomorrow’s bindings today. “Which to choose?” is the eternal question. The eternal answer? You decide, with this complete try-out.

What would you require from a step-in snowboard binding system? A cool connection that’s adjustable, dependable, and suitable to your riding style with parts that are “interlochen,” like Switzerland. Right?

Now try to imagine one meeting those needs for all the millions of riders worldwide. You see the problem—snowboarding is an individual’s sport. From how you set up your board to where, how, and when you rail it, no one else can decide what makes up a good system for you, because they’re not you.

While no one wants cookie-cutter-style molds, there is so much product available—so many different combinations of options—that trying it all out could take ’til spring.

That’s where we come in. Although we don’t tell you what to ride, or rate these products with a descending scale of avocados or what-have-you (we do, however, quantify certain aspects of each system), every one of these step-in systems have been put through the paces on snow.

With so many boot models to choose from, we pointed our collective fingers at the interface—how well the mechanisms perform—and found there’s a step-in system everyone can love, or at least appreciate for the instant connection.

However, it must be made clear—if a step-in design doesn’t improve on conventional strap-in bindings and soft boots, it’s but a mechanical fart in the wind.

Click on any of the bindings below to check out the latest in Step-In Binding technology.