Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Gnu High Beam

The fact that the Carbon High Beams are a favorite among GNU’s amateur team is a good indication of this board’s fun-riding way. Torsionally the most forgiving (flexible) of GNU’s line, the Carbon High Beam was easy to ride, but still hung on through a turn.

Wendy, who almost needed more paper to finish scoring the High Beam, was the most surprised. “I thought it would be heavy and too wide, but it rode great. Powder, halfpipe-everything.” She also noted the board’s potential for ollies, a benefit of what GNU terms the Correct Cap-a combination of cap and sandwich (at the tip and tail) construction.

The Carbon High Beam is a dual-directional (twin-tip) board with a centered sidecut-in theory, this makes it lean heavily toward being a freestyle-specific sled. On the contrary, the High Beam is a testament to the manufacturer’s belief: “All boards can be ridden in all situations.”

Best for intermediate or finesse-type riders.