Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 K2 Futura

When the Futura’s number came up, the test team was sent scrambling for a new scoring system, adding plus signs and decimal points where they could squeeze ’em in.

K2’s premier board, the Futura boasts recent technology like the electronically damping “piezo chips,” first introduced in 1998, and the best of the tried-and-true: electra base (stoneground and structured out of the wrapper), cap construction, and narrower edges for less friction and weight.

Testers more or less united in response to the future, I mean, the Futura, as if they’d taken time out between runs for some sort of harmonic, hand-holding drum circle. Kevin weighed in with a Zorro analogy: “My mind and my reflexes must mold with my weapon. Here is where they come together to overcome the elements and fortify the land with new hope.”

And Kurt, at the end of his babbling, finally put it together with a prophetic, “Trust in the 16B.” Somebody up there at K2 is doing their homework.

As Wendy noticed, the Futura is particularly suited for riders with slightly smaller feet.