Halfpipe Construction: Snow

Having enough snow for the halfpipe is supremely important. Many resortstry to get by with as little as possible and the halfpipe suffers as a result.A minimum of 4000 cubic meters of snow must either be blown by snow gunsor pushed in by cat to create the initial block in which the pipe is carved.This will provide enough snow for a pipe length of 100 meters with largeroll-out decks, a nice start area, and room on the walls for continuedmaintenance during the season.

If the pipe is being built on a glacier, the snow is a fixed medium and thesnowcats can build a combination above and below ground halfpipe by digginginto the glacier and pushing the residual snow for the walls. Special attentionneeds to be paid on keeping the walls even and the slope of the channelconsistent throughout the halfpipe.