Halfpipe Construction: Orientation of the Pipe

Halfpipes should face South. This is the ideal as it is warm for the competitorsand the viewing public and it offers the best light for photographers. Itis however, an orientation that requires more work and maintenance as thewalls receive even sunlight and tend to melt faster.

The North orientation offers more durability and less maintenance, but itwill be a cold and inhospitable place where few will want to ride and wherethe walls remain hard and icy.

The East and West scenarios for pipe orientation have limited potential becauseone wall remains in the sun and the other shadows. This forces maintenanceon one wall that is consistently getting soft and mushy, while the otherwall remains icy. These orientations are to be avoided if possible.

Other significant orientation problems include depressions in the slope,the nearness of trees that cause shadows, icy spots, and areas that are windblownor windswept that cause the pipe to be unbearably cold and icy.