Snowboard History Timeline Part 1(1960’s-70’s)

1965–Sherman Poppen invents The Snurfer for his daughter Wendy by boltingtwo skis together.

1970–Inspired by sliding on cafeteria trays in upstate New York, East Coastsurfer Dimitrije Milovich starts developing snowboards based on surfboarddesign with a rudimentary idea of how skis work. The boards had metal edges.

1971–According to Milovich, he is granted a patent for his snowboard designso he could sell the idea to ski companies. The patent didn’t expire until1988 and Milovich declines from enforcing the patent with other companies.

1969-1972–Bob Webber spends several years trying to obtain a patent forhis early “skiboard” design. This takes him until 1972 to get, and he latersells the patent to Jake Burton Carpenter on August 17, 1990.

1975– Dimitrije Milovich sets up Winterstick production in Utah. The metaledges from his early boards are removed because Milovich was riding powderover his head and didn’t need them. Milovich also develops a swallow-tailboard based on the same design in surfboards, and, one year later a double-edgeddesign which he got a patent on.

1975–Milovich and Winterstick are written up in the March issue of Newsweekand have a two-page photo spread in Powder, giving snowboarding some earlynational exposure.

1977–Mike Olson builds his first snowboard in jr. high wood shop. He continuedto modify boards in high school and beyond, until 1984, when he quits collegeto start Gnu.

1977– Jake Burton Carpenter moves to Stratton Mountain, Vermont, workingnights as a bartender and designing the prototypes for what will later beBurton Snowboards during the day. Like Sims, he also claims to have beenmodifying Snurfers since high school.

1977–Milovich obtains a written confirmation from Petit-Morey and KendallInsurance, the insurance brokers for America’s ski resorts, that snowboardsare in fact covered under regular ski liability. This proves that resortacceptance was based on the mountain manager’s preference just as we suspected.

1977–Bob Webber designs the “yellow banana” polyethylene molded bottom andTom Sims tacks on the Lonnie Toft skate deck making the first production”Skiboard” under the Sims name.

1978–Milovich says that by this year he sells Wintersticks in 11 differentforeign countries.

1978–Chuck Barfoot develops a fiberglass prototype snowboard and he andBob Webber take it out to Utah for a test run. Barfoot later goes on to designboards with Tom Sims.

1979–At the annual Snurfer contest held in Michigan, sponsored Snurfer proPaul Graves puts on a freestyle demo and wows the crowd by doing four sliding360s, dropping down on one knee for part of the course, and dismounting offhis board at the finish with a front flip. At the same event, Jake BurtonCarpenter tries to enter on his own equipment. There are protests about hisnon-Snurfer snowboard design. Paul Graves and others stand up for Jake’sright to race and an open division is created which only Jake enters andwins.

1979– Paul Graves appears riding a Snurfer in the first T.V. snowboardingcommercial for LaBatt’s beer which runs four years in Canada and the northernU.S.

1979– Mark Anolik discovers the Tahoe City Halfpipe while nosing aroundbehind the Tahoe City dump. This becomes known as the world’s first snowboardhalfpipe and attracts the likes of Terry Kidwell, Keith Kimmel, and photographersfrom the skateboard magazines.

1979-1980–Skateboarder and Action Now magazines both print early featureson the rising sport of snowboarding.