The Winning Run: What The Judges Look For

Ever enter a halfpipe contest, finish your run, and find yourself lookingat your score in complete bewilderment? No matter how you ride, it seemslike the results are randomly drawn from a hat. Sometimes it’s really a mysterywhat those judges are doing up on the stand. Well, as surprising as it maysound, things are changing. The process has been slow, but a number of peoplehave always been working hard to make improvements. Although certainly notperfect, the judging system and judge training to be implemented this seasonwill hopefully bring halfpipe contests to an improved level. With the 1998winter Olympics not far off, motivation is high. People are realizing thatin order to make one of the biggest events in snowboarding’s history asuccessfully judged reality, everyone needs to work together. Meanwhile,while it’s being worked out, the riders need to be better informed. Partone of this article discusses judging in general and gives a brief historyof judging systems up to the present. Part two better explains the currentsystem of judging and helps you to design a strategy to win.