PR: Morgan LaFonte to Teach Advanced Snowboard Clinics

New York, Dec. 22–MTV Big Air champion and legendary extreme riderMorgan Lafonte has announced that she and a group of hand-picked coacheswill teach Advanced Snowboard Clinics at various locations worldwide inthe upcoming months.

Lafonte, who is best known for her extreme riding and winningcompetitions in a bra, said that the clinics “will focus on riding bigin extreme and backcountry terrain, including steeps, couloirs,off-piste, and, for those who are ready for it, catching air.”

“We’ll also study correct technique to use on different snow-especiallypowder and crud,” she added. “And since we’re doing a lot ofbackcountry riding we’ll also do some avalanche awareness work and learnhow to read snow and mountain conditions.”

Asked for the reasoning behind the clinics, Lafonte said “Mostupper-level snowboard classes have just a freestyle focus. But more andmore riders are looking for ways to open up the mountain and get off thegroomed. We want to give them the tools to do that and to do it betterthan they ever thought possible.”

She noted that the clinics were open to any snowboarder ofadvanced-intermediate level and above. “I’m still deciding who theother coaches will be,” Lafonte said, “I’m a very picky girl. And Ipromise to leave my shirt on while teaching the clinics so as not todistract the students,” Lafonte joked, referring to the time she won theMTV Big Air competition in a striped bra following a challenge from VJGreta Gaines.

The clinics begin in various locations in early 1998. The first clinicis at The Canyons (formerly Wolf Mountain), Utah from Feb. 26-March 2,and the second clinic will be held in Chamonix, France, from March28-April 4. An additional clinic for more advanced riders will be heldin Valdez, Alaska from April 18-26. The clinic at The Canyons costs$949, the Chamonix clinic is $1,789, and the Valdez clinic costs$4,349. Prices include the clinic, accommodations, transfers, somemeals, lift tickets at The Canyons, and helicopter services in Valdez.