Cab Seven By Mikey Leblanc

The key to this move, which can be thrown on any wall, under or over vert, or on a kinked wall, is all in the pop at the beginning, and then just keeping the old head turned to get the rotation. As a crutch to keep you in the pipe, try learning it on a kinked wall at first

Learn half Cabs, and switch frontside 540s.

While riding backward, approach the backside wall on your tow edge. Keep your knees real bent, and your front shoulder lowered and ready to huck.

About three feet from the lip, start to turn your shoulders and head, but not your board.

As your board’s tail reaches the lip, use that sidecut and camber to get made pop into your spin.

Grab, I find grabbing helps the rotation stay smooth and balanced. Mute and melon are good choices for learning. Tail and Indy are harder, at least for me.

By this time you’re about to seize up and do another switch 540 that you learned first, right? This is the part I got stuck on, too, but all it takes is keeping those shoulders turned and the heard looking past 540 to 720.

Now lean your front shoulder toward your knee and suck up the tranny for a smooth landing. Try not to claim it, even thought you’re really stoked.