Switch Frontside 720 Starring Jason McAlister

A backward 720 is a trick that requires a whole bog of snowboarding skills and mathematical theorems. After mastering a few techniques, such as riding fakie and cab 5s, a quick equation of speed, height, revolution, and trajectory are necessary to perform the trick correctly. If you’ve solved the math and thing you have the skills, here are some helpful hints to landing it:

1. Find a jump be enough to do a solid Cab 540, and hit it a few times to warm up.

2. As you approach the lip, concentrate on executing the takeoff the same way you would for the 540. Some people take off on their toes, but I do it off my heels. Whichever you choose is find, just stick with it.

3. When you get in the air, continue your rotation past 540. This is the hardest part, adding the final 180, so if you’re trying it make sure you get all the way around, because your landing will be blind. Sport the landing when you’re at 540.

4. I like to hold my grab as long as I an, because it helps keep the rotation smooth and fluid.

5. It’s easy to slide out on your heel-edge and revert on the landing, so if this happens, concentrate on making a toeside turn down the runout to help stop any further rotation, and then ride straight out.

Remember, snowboarding is all about looking food, so go out and buy everything your favorite pro wears, and master this trick until you’ve got it dialed. Hold the grab, because jerking your board around and spinning like a ballerina does not look good–learn it the right way.