Cab 540 With A Backside Grab

By Greg Goulet

Spinning a Cab 540 while grabbing backside always reminds me of Jimmy Halopoff. I always think of how he does ’em, and hope mine feel as cool as his look!

1. You can pop these suckas off just about anything; so go to your favorite launch pad and head toward it going backward.

2. Imagine that the cute brown-haired girl from Dawson’s Creek is watching you. If you pull the trick off and it looks good, she’ll want to make out with you all day!

3. Stay casual and get low. When you’re a few feet away from the lip, start to wind your body up a bit.

4. Now, the next step is up to you. Some people take off on their heels, but I prefer to take off on my toes. Going off my toes gives me a nice added bang at take off. So, lean a tad on your toes, and let ’er go!

5. As you begin your spin, bend your knees and bring your board to your leading hand. I think you’ll dig how it feels. Get your grab on as soon as possible and continue to hold onto it throughout your rotation.

6. Where your head goes, your body will follow. Keep the spin smooth.

The key is just to look all the way around ’til you spot the landing.

7. Land that puppy solid and pray you don’t catch an edge on the out run!

8. Just think, if you really lived in dreamland, the brunette girl on

Dawson’s Creek would be yours!

Greg rides for Palmer Snowboards, Split, Arnette, One Ball Jay, Northwest Snowboards, Fishpaw, and gets boots and sneeks from Vans. At 22, Greg still lives with his parents in Boise, and he still wishes he could skate like Paul Whitworth. Sound familiar?