Moves: Backside Air with J. F.

13#6 Backside Air

My name is J.F. and I live in the beautiful country of Canada, in a party town called Whistler. My roots are Quebecious–like my homies, the 418. I have been shredding the stick for fourteen years and I just turned eighteen in 1991. I enjoy snowboarding with Rossignol snowboards, Northwave boots, Drake bindings, Split outerwear, and Iris goggles. Shout out to the Wild Cats, my family, Marilyn at physiotherapy, and all my friends–you know who you are. Peace.

1. First of all, find the best place to hit the backside wall (biggest transition).

2. Visualize yourself going off that same place, while riding down the pipe.

3. Ride close along the deck (edge) on the frontside wall with lots of speed.

4. Drop into the pipe, edging your board, looking at where you want to go off (never take your eyes off the lip).

5. Traverse the flatbottom, edging your heel edge, with your weight more on your back leg, looking at the top of the wall with your shoulder turned parallel to your board.

6. At the beginning of the transition, turn your board flat base, going straight up the wall, keeping more weight on your back leg.

7. Leave the lip with your shoulder turned a little bit inward. Hopefully your board has a stiff tail, which will give you the maximum pop out of that wall.

8. Go up and grab–enjoy, then come down.

Note: J.F. is French Canadian, therefore you might have trouble understanding what this move is aboot.