Moves: Frontside 180 To Switch Method

Hello all my sideways friends. My name is Jacob Soderqvist, and I’m a snow-surf rider from Sweden. I’m proudly representing my sponsors Allian, Rusty, Northwave, and Arnette. They are good people–support them. Anyway, here is a trick you can do that might make you happy. It makes me happy ’cause it gives you a lot of hang time if you get the right pop off the ollie. That’s the kind of trick I like to do–tricks you have to ollie into so you can tweak them as hard as you can.

Step One: Before you try this trick, you might want to try some fakie backside airs and some normal frontside 180s.

Step Two: Approach the lip with the proper speed. Try to go off with your board flat on the snow. Ollie as hard as you can to get that extra height and hang time.

Step Three: Start to rotate when you’re in the air, not on the lip. Bring your knees up, start the rotation, and grab (with your back hand) onto your stick.

Step Four: Keep on rotating at a slow pace, and stay as calm as you can. Stressing never made anyone a better snowboarder–this is actually the best part, hanging out with yourself in the air. Maybe you can even throw a shaka in.

Step Five: After you’ve completed a full 180, you get to the tricky part. You have to make your body stop rotating, but let your board continue for a little bit. Hold the grab and bone your back leg out.

Step Six: Now stay in this position for as long as you can, and look for a spot to land.

Step Seven: Bring down your landing gear, put your board down smoothly, and try to do the same trick in the opposite direction on the next jump.

Remember to ollie as hard as you can and do the first part of the rotation pretty fast, then slow it down to come to a complete stop. Good luck, and remember to have fun on your board and respect the mountains.