K2 Snowboarding Introduces Genesis Pack

K2 Snowboarding Introduces Genesis Pack Featuring Biosonic Technology

The K2 Genesis Pack is a one-of-a-kind backpack with all-new Biosonic Technology. Available this fall, the Genesis provides high-quality sound without the headphones, keeping you in touch with sounds from the outside world.

The Flat-Speaker technology is actually in the straps.

K2’s Biosonic Technology is a wearable sound interface that uses proprietary Flat-Speaker technology paired with ergonomic placement. The flat speakers are directionally positioned, one on each shoulder strap, for optimal listening. Using the HLT (high linear technology edge structure), a diaphragm with 2 layered voice coils, non-woven air damper and rare-earth magnets, the flat speakers are efficient, low-profile, and water resistant. 4 AA batteries will run the world’s smallest solid state, 1.2 Watt Microamp for up to 6 hours.