Jackson Hole Opens Superpipe

It’s super! Thanks for asking!

In a classic example of Mother Nature’s good humor, Jackson Hole opened its eagerly anticipated first-ever superpipe in time for a snowstorm to drop over two feet of powder on the resort last week. As the snow continues to fall, interest in riding transition has been dwarfed by powder-lust, but once the skies clear local pipe and park authorities assure us, “It’s on.”

With 17-foot walls, measuring out at 265 feet in length, Jackson Hole is in possession of the biggest, yet shortest, halfpipe it’s ever had. “It’s a perfect training pipe for jaded pros who want to practice tricks without having to hike too much,” says park and pipe head, former pro snowboarder, JP Martin. “You can practice your combos on regulation-sized superpipe walls without having to hike a whole regulation-sized pipe length.”

The terrain park, located right next to the superpipe on Apres Vous, is also built on a smaller scale. The jumps are designed with both local pros and mini rippers in mind, and allows riders of all abilities to throw tricks.

The first JH superpipe competition is scheduled for Saturday February 16, 2002 when the Kahlua Halfpipe Jam comes to town. JHMR will host it’s own Huckfest Series as well, with a slopestyle competition on Saturday February 23, 2002 and a halfpipe competition on Saturday, March 16, 2002.

So come one, come all ? experience the joy of riding what is surely the least crowded superpipe in the country. Or come ride powder on the biggest mountain in the country. We’ve got it all now.

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