Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Ride Timless

Ride’s freeriding mainstay, the Timeless proved itself for the power rider. This year’s board (it’s the model’s third year in production) is refined to be lighter and more damp-shock absorbing-than earlier versions.

The Timeless has a longer-board feel to it, which, when combined with the carbon-fiber and Kevlar stringers (strips) running the length of the board, makes for a stable, predictable ride.

Meant for “experienced” riders, the Timeless is not for pussyfootin’ around the slopes. “Stiffness,” in fact, was on the tip of lighter testers’ tongues and probably hurt the board’s score in versatility, while strongmen like Kevin found it to be the perfect combination for anything from jumping (especially helpful in landing) to carving in all conditions.

A functional, fun ride with no top-end limits, but not for the timid or weak of quadriceps.