SOL | OBE Presents Snow Job

Snow Job Wraps Up NASS Season

OBE’s $20,000 Big Air finals will take place at Mount Hood Meadows on May 3rd. The event is part of The North American Snowboard Series and is called “Snow Job”.

Big Air finalists include:

Jason Borgsteade, Mike Basich, Kevin Jones, Jeremy Baye, Risto Scott, Russell Winfield, Ryan Williams, Joe Rossell, Adam Moran, Rich Nesshoever, Ben Ashburner, Myles Hallen, Jason Chatfield, Joel Mahaffey, Kevin English, Nick Francke, Josh Heminger, Pat Bridges, Jamie Lynn & Chris Cagney

Tina Dixon, Tara Zwink, Allison O’Brien, Athena, Janna Meyen, Hannah Grant, Natazsa Zurek, Amy Campion., Michelle Shetler & Ali Berntsen

Bands include Social Distortion, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Third Eye Blind & Manray. The Big Air jump will be built by Stimilon International. For more information contact On Board Entertainment @ (415) 289-1510.


SOL | PR: MTV Alternative Sports & Music Festival

MTV: Music Television announced today that it will hold its firstever professional “Sports and Music Festival” on October 17, in Austin, Texas. For the first time ever, this three day alternative sporting event, created by the athletes, will combine new music, sports competition, lifestyle segments and a festival atmosphere thatwill be the basis of 10 hours of on-air original programming. MTV’s “Sports and Music Festival” is scheduled to air on November 7-9.

MTV viewers will be in the center of the action when they watch professional athletes competing in the following categories: In-Line Skating, BMX, Skateboarding and Snowboarding. During the three day festival, MTV will profile the lifestyle and expression of the athletes competing. Additionally, reality based segments will catch the athletes “off the field,” hanging out with fans and fellow competitors.

MTV’s “Sports and Music Festival,” will be held in Austin, Texas the live music capital in the country and host to thousands of college students. As part of the snowboarding competition, MTV will build an 80 foot high and 250 foot long snowboard ramp that will be filled with snow and serve as host to the “Big Air” jump event.

MTV will also showcase live musical performances from some of the most cutting-edge rock n’ roll bands around. During MTV’s “Sports and Music Festival,” the athlete will have the opportunity to showcase his/her athleticism as they perform their routines to music that they enjoy.

“We are very excited to be able to showcase the free spirit of alternative sports and their athletes in what we know will be an incredibly exciting three day event,” said Robert Kusbit, Senior Vice President of Production for MTV.

MTV’s “Sports and Music Festival” will be executive produced by Patrick Byrnes, creator of “MTV Sports” and “The Rodman World Tour” and produced by Greg Johnston.


SOL | The Beast 6.0

Welcome to issue number 6.0 of SOL | Snowboarding Online’s industry mumbo jumbo section. This issue is basically a spring cleaning issue. It’s loaded with an awful lot of stuff that everyone already knows. We’ll leave it at that. If you hear of any industry dirt, here’s the place to spray it.

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” — George Bernard Shaw.

“Smell the panic.” –an unintentionally ironic and cynical Mervin Manufacturing T-shirt at SIA 97.

“The snowboard industry is going pro.” –An Industry Wuss.

“Corporate sponsors such as Mountain Dew also want to ride snowboarding’spopularity.” — CNBC’s Susan Lisovicz during a snowboard industry overview February 17, 1997.