Smart Wins $10,000 Pro/Am Triple Air at Mt. High

Wrightwood, CA — March 26, 2000 — For the second year, riders from across the nation and the world traveled to Wrightwood for the Chevy/Active $10,000 Pro/Am Triple Air. It was local boy, Shane Smart, however, who stole the show with his double front flips and Cab 900‚s. “I knew it felt good but I had no idea I won until the end,” stated Smart. “I thought the guy from Tahoe (Jason Bilek) had a great run*super smooth.” While Bilek did end up in the money with his 3rd place finish, Shane walked with $2,000 and half of the $500 bonus for best trick. The other half went to Cory Griffin, alias Korn Beef, for his double back flips at the finish. Event producers were extremely happy with the strong turnout and high level of the riders but the mountain‚s soft, spring snow played with even the best of them. Lucky for Matt Hammer, the Joyride team member out of Mammoth, that his preliminary run was big enough to take 2nd because a casual slash in his second session sketched and he had to roll through the initial jump.

Next to Korn Beef, Hammer became one of the most colorful participants of the day and even spent some time on the microphone announcing other riders. At the Triple Air, the combination of blue bird skies, incredible live music and insane riding was electrifying and a great time was had by both competitors and spectators. “This was the best event I’ve been to all year,” Shane was overheard saying. “I like the Triple Air theory because you have to use your head. It’s not just huck and hope you land.”

Smart, who rides for Lib Tech, Quicksilver and Dragon, also competed in this season’s Gravity Games and Swatch BoarderCross World Tour. When asked what he planned to do with the winnings, he replied “Spend the summer surfing in Costa Rica.”

Not a bad life, I’d say. Throw in the Swedish Bikini Team and you’re about done.

1) Shane Smart
2) Matt Hammer
3) Jason Bilek
4) Korn-Beef
5) Josh Cortez
6) Steven Simmons
7) Roger Yu
8) Tyler Lepore
9) Lucky Lopez
10) Aaron Black
11) Chris Bradshaw
12) Daniel Trigo
13) Jason Wardal
14) Cory Cronk
15) Steve Cook
16) Hana Beaman
17) Graham Fitzpatrick
18) Katsuaki Shimono
19) Ryan Pearson
20) Joey Aaron
21) Matt LeBel
22) Ryan Sage
23) Ryan Baca
24) Billy Anderson
25) Danny Williams
26) Carson Grier
27) Tim Alexander
28) Joshua Bean
29) Ryan Henry
30) Mike Heit
31) Joseph Tiffany
32) Sacha Berwin
33) Keith Pfahler
34) Eric Lively
35) Saul Canizales
36) Derek Rue
37) Jeff Steinhurst
38) Abe Burciaga
39) Gregory Newman
40) Randy Macy
41) Mike Callahan
42) Bob Shoemaker
43) Jared Leeper
44) Steve Vizmeg
45) Ryan Taylor
46) Sean Apgar
47) Jeremiah Kent
48) John Zuber


1) Matt Casper
2) Jeromey Hernandez
3) Scott Mathis
4) Kyle Lopiccolo
5) Mike Tobia
6) Adrian Anderson
7) Nima Jalali
8) Byron Stickler
9) Brian Dufort
10) Spencer Link
11) Joe Zorrilla
12) Jeff Heit
13) Matt Hoag
14) Luke Hurley
15) Lance Hakker
16) Justin Reyes
17) Daryl Rummens
18) Kristi Sanders
19) David Cabrido
20) Mike Hakker
21) Shane Reide
22) Brett Andrew
23) Sean Gmeiner
24) Blake Shelton
25) Matt Colburn
26) Jaime Donnelly
27) Tyler Lopiccolo
28) Mike Wurzel
29) Rich Vega
30) Ryan Zirkle
31) Derek Dishman
32) Kim Shin
33) Rebecca Livingston
34) Matt Mayer
35) Johnny Han