capitol Gears up for Summer’s Plans for Summer

The online snowboard, skateboard, and music site known as changes its business focus about once a month. It has changed its look three times in the past four months whereas companies only change their designs once a year.

After changing its look and focus recently, has discovered one thing: the site is going back to its roots and will focus mainly on the DC/MD/VA scene before doing anything else. The shop site is getting involved with the local hardcore scene, with bands such as SEV, SPiNE, and Margret Heater. is a co-sponsor for Margret Heater’s CD Release party on June 24, and plans are in the works to get involved with a 25 band Festival in late August.

There are plans to have free open skates in Maryland, DC, and Virginia every weekend or twice a month to give skaters a place to skate without paying money. The key is to give a place for kids to go and hang out, and not worry what everyone else is thinking. And for the last open skate, there will be bands there to help say goodbye to the summer, and hello to the winter.

Also, is dropping its team format, to encourage more riders out on the mountain to ride with the CBR crew, core supporter of old and new. Somewhere along the lines, the fun was lost. The original Capitol Board Room didn’t have a team, because all of the riders associated with the shop represented the shop, therefore not needing a team. is still proud to announce its affliation with Snowshoe Mountain (the biggest resort in the Mid Atlantic). The shop is helping promote Snowshoe’s Memorial Day Weekend Big Air Contest, which will have a 70’s theme to it.

So when it comes down it, has found its niche again. It is easy to get lost in the world of trying to get people to come to the site to buy stuff, pay for sponsored riders to promote the site, or just bombard the internet with ads. supporters have always been core supporters. We are not even worried about the competitors anymore, because we are so confident in what we do, and what we are trying to provide, that competing with other sites isn’t important to us anymore.

If there are any companies that would like to help sponsor the open skates (equipment, refreshments), please contact