Infogrames and Transworld To Launch Video Games

Infogrames and Transworld To Launch Video Games LOS ANGELES–Infogrames, Inc. (Infogrames), a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced that it has signed an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with the leading alternative sports magazine publisher, TransWorld Media (TransWorld), a division of Times Mirror Magazines. Infogrames will develop and publish a series of TransWorld-branded alternative sports games over the next several years.

“Alternative sports, such as skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, are more than the hobbies of choice for today’s teens, they are part of an entire lifestyle,” said Steve Allison, senior director of licensing at Infogrames. “TransWorld is a strategic partner that will help Infogrames develop relevant content and market it expertly to our target audience.”

Infogrames will develop a TransWorld line of console-based video games over the next several years that reflect the interests and culture of TransWorld magazines’ readers. The games will be based on alternative lifestyle sports that have gained increasing popularity worldwide. Sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, motocross and BMX are possibilities for Infogrames’ new TransWorld line. Infogrames is currently developing TransWorld titles due out in 2001.

TransWorld is a major cultural force with 15 consumer and trade magazines, six web sites and TransWorld alternative sports events. Under the agreement, Infogrames will be able to take advantage of TransWorld’s vast wealth of knowledge of the 12 to 24 year-old male teen market. Infogrames can leverage TransWorld’s market research, contacts and expertise in order to develop content that accurately reflects the alternative sports culture.

The TransWorld partnership is a key step forward in Infogrames’ strategy to become the leader of alternative sports-based interactive entertainment. Interest in alternative sports has grown dramatically in recent years because of their individualistic nature. Pulling off tricks on a skateboard or a surfboard is a sharp departure from traditional sports’ focus on direct competition and outscoring an opponent. Young people worldwide have embraced this type of recreation and Infogrames will extend this style of expression into interactive entertainment with the TransWorld franchise.

TransWorld Media

TransWorld Media, a division of Times Mirror Magazines, is the leading publisher of young men’s special interest publications reaching more than three million Generation Y males through its titles. In just two years TransWorld Media will have launched three magazines including TransWorld Motocross, TransWorld SURF and TransWorld STANCE, the first generation Y male service magazine. TransWorld Media is a content provider to EXPN, the ESPN extreme sports website, and provides home video and content for segments on ESPN’s “X Today” television program. TransWorld titles include: Snowboard Life (established in 1995), TransWorld Motocross (established in 2000); TransWorld SKATEboarding (established in 1983); TransWorld SNOWboarding (established in 1987); TransWorld STANCE (established in 2000); TransWorld SURF (established in 1999); Freeze (established in 1996); Ride BMX (established in1992) and SNAP BMX (established in 1994).

About Infogrames

Infogrames Entertainment, S.A. (Paris Bourse: SICOVAM 5257) is a worldwide leader in the interactive entertainment software industry. Headquartered in France, the company develops and publishes award-winning computer and video games for the PlayStation(R) game console, PlayStation 2 game console, Nintendo(R) 64, Nintendo(R) Game Boy(R) Color, Sega(R) Dreamcast(tm), and personal computer platforms. Founded in 1983 by chairman and CEO Bruno Bonnell, Infogrames’ 17-year history has produced many award-winning franchises, such as Test Drive(R), V-Rally(tm), Driver, Independence War(tm), Unreal, HardBall(R), Oddworld, and Alone In The Dark(tm). The company is also known for its long list of well-known licenses including Warner Bros. Looney Tunes(tm), Mission: Impossible(tm), Le Mans 24 Hours(R), AM General Hummer(R), Harley- Davidson(R), and Dodge(R) Viper.

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