Hot Seat With Victoria Jealouse

If you could ask Victoria Jealouse anything, what would it be? How does she charge those sick lines you see in the mags? Does she have a boyfriend? What’s her favorite cereal? Snowboard Life tracked her down to answer questions from you, our readers, so ask, ask away. But, boys, let’s try and stick to snowboarding.

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As a young ski-racer growing up in Kamloops, B.C., Canada, Victoria Jealouse found the passion for speed and power while defining style and grace. When she decided to pick up snowboarding in her late teens, her racing skills transferred effortlessly, and a snowboarding career began.

Victoria Jealouse airing the scary stuff.

These days, Victoria’s a hard person to track down. Most likely, she can be found shooting with Standard Films or turning screws at Burton Snowboard’s demos, helping to promote the 2001 Feelgood line of snowboards for women, designed by her and teammate Shannon Dunn. She’s also a woman of many talents, with strong halfpipe skills and the ability to spin off kickers with the best of ’em. Look for Victoria in Standard’s upcoming release of TB 9, or last year’s IMAX film, Extreme.