Southern Comfort Part 3: Fishbowls and Mud Pits

Well, we are in Termas de Chillan now and have been here for about 4 days. As snowboarders should know we’re playing the waiting game with the weather. It hasn’t snowed for a couple weeks so the resort has been pretty hard but guess what? As I write this, it’s dumping outside. Lets hope this keeps up for tomorrow because everyone is getting pretty restless.

Termas is a cool little resort based around thermal hot springs warmed by the volcano looming above us. The terrain offers a bit of everything: trees, windlips, cliffs and cat tracks crisscrossing all over.

We’ve been exploring the past days lining stuff up for when there’s new snow. Our problem (Lukas and I) is we’re leaving maybe tomorrow for Valle Nevado to meet up with Guilloume and crew. Tomorrows our day!

The piscola (local Chilean drink) will insure we have sun. Yesterday we traveled to nearby Chillan to do some local shopping. Cultural experience! Chilean people are extremely hard workers and very happy. The main market reflected that. People everywhere trying to sell their wares and there’s lots of stuff to check out.

Shin diving in to a bowl of fish stuff.

I picked up a nice sweater and some gloves for my girlfriend and all the others got their goodies. For lunch Lukas, Shandy, Chris, and I went to this food fair type place and practically got mauled. Each restaurant has a girl that tells you to come into their place (in Spanish). We picked one and went in for lunch. Just communicating was hard enough, but the food was next. Shandy and Chris picked some nice fish dish and Luke and I picked Sopa de Mariscos (fish bowl soup). Our dish was kinda gnarl: full of misc. shellfish, egg, lonely sausage, fish, and strange sucker things. Except for the look of it, it was actually tasty.

Shandy shaking the mud out.

Back in Termas the resort we’ve been chilling out and using the Hot Springs which are super relaxing. Check out some of these photos: Take note Shandy frolicking in his own mini hot spring AKA “mud pit”

Quotes: “Throw on some sunscreen because the tanning salon is open”- Travis Robb in reference to his extra curricular activities.

“I might blow my knees for the camera, but I’m not gonna burn my Johnson for it”-Shandy talking about his mud pit

“Dee’s Cajones” Shandy and Luke in reference to family jewels