Steps: 360s, 720s, Etc.

360s, 720s, Etc.

Follow your nose.

With Travis Mclain

The key to doing a 360 is to turn your head and upper body in the direction you plan to spin throughout the rotation; where the head leads, the body will follow … hopefully.

Before going for the big huck, learn to spin on the snow–to the left and right. Your first in-air attempts should be 180s; this half-rotation will leave you riding fakie, though, so be prepared. For most riders it’s easiest to spin 180s frontside.

Bigger spins like 360s take more windup with the upper body (throwing your body into it) than 180s, and more time to come around. Entering a spin slightly on edge can help get the board turning, but wait until you’ve left the ground to really start the rotation (spinning too early may cause you to catch an edge).

Turn your head and upper body in the direction of the spin as you leave the lip of the jump. Continue to look that way–over your lead shoulder–until you spot the landing. Fixing your sights on the landing and extending your body will stop the rotation, allowing you to set ’er down real nice. Throw in a grab to keep things tight.

Which way is what?

Spinning frontside means that you initiate the spin by turning your body down the hill. Backside requires an uphill turn. For anything but full-rotation spins–360, 720, 1080, etc. (right!)–you’ll be landing backward. Hope that’s okay.



Spring into your spin and follow through with the head and upper body.

This is no time to bail out. Keep cranking it to the left, frontside.

A stiff tail brings you down nicely. Now do a backside three!