Nosepress To Backside 180 Out

By Brian Thien

Before learning this trick, you should already know how to 50-50 a rail, and be comfortable nosepressing wider obstacles, like Gunny’s funboxes at Summit.

1. Approach the rail at a medium speed. Don’t go too fast; it’s easier to get a solid press on the nose when you’re going slower.

2. Ollie up the rail like you would for a normal 50-50, but lean forward to get the tail up, making sure your weight is centered over the nose.

3. Sometimes your tail wants to start drifting out to the side, but don’t panic and jump off. Keep pressure on the nosepress and look toward the end of the rail where you want to get off.

4. When you’re about a foot or so away from the end of the rail, start to turn your shoulders in the movement of a backside 180 and pop off the nose.

5. If all goes well, you’ll land on your board, not your face, and ride away. When you get comfortable with this version of a nosepress, try learning it switch.

Brian rides for World Industries, Special Blend, Smith, Northwave, Drake, Hotskates, GMC, and Apollo. He lives in Utah in the winter and spends his summers in sunny-ass So Cal.