Backside 540 with Joni Malmi

Hello. My name is Joni, and besides doing airs on a quarterpipe I like wondering what life is all about. Anyway, I’ll try to describe how I would do a backside 540 on a quarterpipe. It is a lot like a backside 360 off a straight jump, except that on a quarterpipe you have to rotate over your rear shoulder, getting sideways, or else you will end up doing a ballerina and landing on your ass.

1. Try to make the most out of the transition and the little bumps on the runway of the quarterpipe. By doing this you will go bigger than everyone else without having to hike much higher. In other words, point it.

2. Visualize yourself doing the trick before you take off. I find it helpful to just roll around in the snow–just like you were in the air, doing the actual trick.

3. Tell yourself that you aren’t going to speed check. No second thoughts–control your mind and be focused.

4. Ride down the runway, staying low, with your legs bent and relaxed so you can suck all the bumps in. the more air you catch off the bumps, the more speed you will lose. Go straight! The less you use your edges, the faster you’ll go.

5. Start straightening your body when you reach the transition. This will transform the down force into speed. But don’t start rotation yet. Keep your board on its base and your body straight.

6. When you feel that the lip is only a microsecond away, straighten your front leg slightly, or you can tweak it like Joni Makinen does.

7. Hold on to your grab and poke it with style and grace.

8. Now you should be coming around and able to spot your landing. Just chill–with the speed you rode into this thing with, you can keep poking and floating through the lovely thing air. As you come around, try to keep your eyes on the landing and hold your grab as long as you dare. The longer you hold it, the better you’ll look.