Snow Walk With Us

Sandals don’t cut it in snow. Neither do most running shoes, nor skate shoes. You need durable footwear to keep your feet warm and dry after a hard day of riding, especially when you’re still up for walking into town, grabbing a drink, and checking the local nightlife.

Snowboard Life picked some cool new shoes (dare we say aprés?) designed for trudging through just about anything.

Airwalk Meltdown

Price: $60

Fashion Factor: Fiery footwear that would make fashion kings like Shaun Palmer and skater Simon Woodstock proud. Are you man enough to sport these on a crowded Aspen street? Great conversation pieces for the coffee-shop scene, but be ready for ridicule in redneck bars.

Functionality: Made with lots of rubber to keep your toes dry.

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Etnies Mesa

Price: $107

Fashion Factor: The brown-leather look makes you think more of L.L. Bean than skateboarding Huntington Beach. The midtop height keeps your socks dry and the subtle style won’t stand out too much on the social scene.

Functionality: The air-chamber padding in the heel makes line-dancing a pleasure.

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Gravis Dune:

Price: $120

Fashion factor: Optional black laces for those not daring enough for yellow. A little thick for dancing, but will portray a rugged sensitivity at the cappuccino center.

Functionality: Flex panels on the hightops allows for easier entry and exit. Made of leather, these boot-like kicks are perfect for walking through town after a six-inch dump.

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Nike Rufus

Price: $60

Fashion Factor: If you’re looking for fashion keep on lookin’. Better for taking the dog out late night than cruising to your neighborhood watering hole.

Functionality: Easy slip-on/off status is excellent for indoor lounging. The rubber sole keeps you from slipping but it’s not enough for deep snow.

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Reef Haakon III

Price: $ 100

Fashion Factor: With these comfy-but-sturdy leather hiking boots, the Reef girls still won’t be interested, but your feet will like you a lot more.

Functionality: Good for snow stomping, or wading through slop on the barroom floor.

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Salomon Dirt Clog:

Price: $65

Fashion Factor: Reminiscent of the days of “free love,” these industrial strength slip-ons scream, “Let’s get a java and talk about our next mountain-bike trip.”

Functionality: Sure-footed sole grips like all-terrain tires. But the term clog is deceptive, they have a full heel and fit like broken-in slippers.

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Simple Shake

Price: $75

Fashion Factor: A nice blend of snow protection and Simple style, these kicks will be great for early hot-tub runs, or last-call dashes down the street.

Functionality: Midtop height, these shoes are thick and tough with plush ankle padding and grippy soles.

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Vans Scribe

Price: $70

Fashion Factor: Definitely down with the city set who hits the Vermont slopes such as Killington, Mount Snow, and Stratton, these might not cut it in the espresso crowd.

Functionality: These technical-looking kicks have almost nothing in common with the company’s canvas lowtops that covered the casual-lifestyle crew’s feet for years.

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