Burton Snowboards’ 2000 Demo Tour

“Dude, who do you think would win a battle between DemoMan and the Green Lantern?”

“Are you kidding me? Green Lantern’s an aging skier, man.”

“Yeah, no way he could hold a candle to DemoMan’s skills. He’s got that mad beer gut and dope sumo wrestler style. He’s dope!”

This year’s highly anticipated Burton Demo Tour, led by the newest superhero, DemoMan, will kick off just as the snow starts flying at your favorite mountains. Watch in awe as DemoMan and his dedicated entourage of helpers set up the huge fortress that is the on-snow Burton Demo. And at the end of the day, when most people are throwing back pints in the lodge, the crack crew is at it again, disassembling it all to get back on the road. “There are people who need us”, decries DemoMan, “and we shall take our travelling show to them, no matter what it takes.”

You’ve had the 2000 Burton catalog in your hands since it landed in your mailbox in September. And you’ve been down to your local board shop every day since the new gear arrived, checking out the latest offerings designed, tested, and approved by the Burton team. But even after days of intense study, you’re still not exactly sure how you’ll equip yourself for the upcoming season. You love the way the Customs have treated your riding style for years, but this year’s FL, with its new, hyper-light, edge-gripping EGD core, might just be the tool that will enable you to boost even higher out of an icy pipe.

Have no fear, DemoMan will soon be here!

With two huge trailers, one plowing through the East Coast, and one bombing up and down the West Coast, the Demo fleet is stocked and ready to show you the goods. The pilots of these enormous rigs have been commandeered by DemoMan to endure countless hours on the road to bring you the 2000 line of boards, boots, and bindings.

This is your chance to head to your local resort, walk up to the trailer, and then head to the closest lift armed with a set up you may have only dreamt about riding. For free. Get the new SI-X bindings mounted on a brand spankin’ new Balance or pick up some quick tips on keeping your board tuned for the season. You can try a different set up each time you get to the trailer—there are 167 different boards ready to rip, 106 pairs of boots, all toasty warm from our new heated boot room, and enough bindings to fill up a few garbage pails. This is the absolute best chance you’ll have to try out the new line of hardgoods before spending hard earned cash.

Helping fuel the millennium crusade through the mountains are several contributing sponsors that will make your stop on tour an even better experience. Chow down on a Clif Bar while the staff turns screws and make sure to grab a few Motorola Talk-Abouts so you can stay in touch with your posse. Venture into the virtual world of snowboarding where your thumbs and fingers are all that’s needed to stomp huge 1080 double back flip Japan airs, playing Coolboarders 4 on the PlayStation inside the revamped mobile chill lounge. And with a new stereo system pumping out tunes all day, you might be tempted to head on tour with us.

New displays showcasing the 2000 RED, Backhill and Step-In lines round out the complete Burton Demo Tour picture, giving you the opportunity to see first hand what DemoMan’s mission is all about. Check out the website for the full listing of the scheduled stops, and make sure to clear some time for us. You’ll be stoked you did.

Here are some tour dates: Nov. 28, Sunday River, Maine
Dec. 5, Stratton, Vermont
Dec. 11, Snow Summit, CA
Dec. 12, Snowshoe, WV
Dec. 12, Bear Mtn., CA
Dec. 17, Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA
Dec. 19, Loon, NH
Jan. 2, Stowe, VT
Jan. 2, Mt. Bachelor, OR
Jan. 15, Summit West, WA
Feb. 5, Keystone, CO
Mar. 4, Park City, UT
Mar. 25, Hunter Mtn., NY