Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Nitro Natural

Using the newest technology and materials, Nitro designers have worked with their international team to develop a board built to flow with the terrain and rider. Though it may seem a paradox to use “new technology” and “natural” when describing this series, there is a marriage of the two elements that creates a harmonious ride.

A balance between low weight and high strength is acheived through Nitro’s Ultra Beam cores and Triaxial Hybrid laminates, the carbon fiber and Kevlar weaves that create a quick, responsive board. New this year to the Natural series are thicker steel edges for durability and a die-cut sintered base for speed.

Most of the testers alluded to the responsiveness of the Natural. Robyn said it was “snappy and quick.”

Hoy scribbled onto his comment card: “Pleasant surprise. The board rode more smoothly and responsively than it looked like it would. Had snap and stability.”

Lighter rippers may not be able to control the high-performance features of this all-mountain ride.