Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Rossignol Pro

The Pro is listed in Rossignol’s Air group, a category the company says is designed for “fearless freestyle riders.”

“Not for the faint-hearted,” says Amy. “The shorter length is easy to maneuver in the bumps. Sometimes the board was ahead of me and I was just holding on for the ride.”

Rossignol’s Mark Bujold says, “J.F. Pelchat, Ron Chiodi, Alexi Litovaara, and Pavo Tikkenen worked in a ‘rider pool’ to help design the Pro.” Each size of this model was created for certain riders’ specific needs (e.g., the Pro 149 was designed by Rossi’s women riders, while Litovaara created the 154 for aggressive freestyle riding).

The Pro’s THC core (not a drug reference, it’s short for triple hybrid construction) is unique to Rossi. Riders get the benefit from a combination of three materials-wood, Isocore, and Microcell-making a snappy, lightweight, and stable board. For all you tech-heads there’s a window through the topsheet to view the core. An aggressive board for power riders.