Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Salomon FRA

“If you want a board that will save you, this is it,” says Amy. All the makings of a good freecarver: quick turn initiation, strong edge hold, and stability. “Good in small and long turns if you work it,” says Wendy. “Super stiff, good for a strong woman or man who loves to carve.”

Salomon’s Chuck White says FRA doesn’t stand for France, it’s short for freeride adventure. “Great freerider length,” says Kurt. “Good for powder and going fast every day on big mountains. Length helps with stability, float, and railing big turns. Also easy to whip around.”

The FRA uses the HTC (hidden torque control) fiberglass “X” design in the tip and tail that increases torsional and longitudinal rigidity, adds snap, and increases the power of this backcountry board.