Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Salomon 550

Designed to deliver the performance of a pro model without the pro, the 550 is Salomon’s high-end directional board for riders who know no boundaries.

There’s plenty of snap built into the 550, which incorporates Salomon’s Unibody-a method of enveloping the woodcore, fibers, and dampening materials-as well as a pair of fiberglass “X”s at the tip and tail. Robyn confirmed the trademark lively feeling, calling the 550 “really light and responsive. Snappy.”

Kevin and J2 commented on the turns, branding them as “easy,” “quick,” and “as sharp as you want.” For skids, carves, airs, powder, or junk, the 550 rides as if on autopilot; it almost starts your next turn for you.

At speed in the hard chop, some testers noted a slight chatter-which is par for boards that use composites and provide powerful edging.

The 550 suits light, technical, finesse riders. Salomon extras like a full-wrap seamless edge and a structured 4000 sintered base also come standard on this board.